Post Mothers Day and Back to Reality

Oh Mothers day! Such a wonderful day of getting spoiled and having one day where you can say "not today kids figure it out with your dad!" No mom guilt on this day! It truly is an amazing day! But now its Monday, Mothers day vanishes like a vapour in the wind and we are back to reality wondering if yesterday was nothing but a dream. Its hard not to come crashing down from that Mothers day lovin high when everyone is telling you how awesome and proud of you they are. But this one day rejuvenation might not carry you till the next Mothers Day. There are a lot of inner struggles that moms face that aren't always talked about, such as:

  • Loosing your identity.
  • Finding ones identity outside of being a mom. 
  • Motherhood being different then expected.
  • Having higher expectations on ones self as a mom.
  • Mom Guilt. 
  • Comparing ones self to other moms. 
  • Trying to have it all together and failing.

Navigating through this journey shouldn't be done alone. We need the encouragement from our friends and family to cheer us on and keep us going. More than that we need to rely on our Heavenly Father to give us the strength we need every day to raise our children the way He has called us to. So if your feeling like you might not have enough energy to get to the next Mother's Day, here are a few things that might help keep you sane.

  • Be intentional with your time! Take time for yourself to do something that makes you feel like YOU and not just the mother to your kids or the wife to your husband. Read, workout, take a bath, go shopping, or have a girls night.
  • Quit comparing and ask for advice instead. There is no shame in asking for help or for advice. If there is something that another mom does which you find impressive, why not ask how she does it instead of bringing yourself down because maybe thats not something your good at. Your  not going to be good at everything. Sorry! But guess what, neither is anyone else. So we need to encourage other moms at what they do well and learn from one another instead of bringing one another down.
  • Let it go! Life is messy, especially with kids and sometimes shit hits the fan (sorry for the language but this could actually be literal) Give yourself grace and don't try to do it all. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the lemons life gives you.
  • Community. Find those mom friends and support one another! Find a couple and swap date nights, take turns babysitting each others kids while you and your husband go out. Dating your husband is very important! 

So whether your still riding that sweet Mothers Day rejuvenation wave or fading fast, remember you are not alone ... because your kids literally never leave! But also you've got other mommas who are going through the same thing. So be encouraged and pray on the daily!

Photos by Erin Ashleigh Photography
Dress and Romper: Jax and Lennon
Diper Bag: Fawn Design

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