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I was trying to figure out what to write about with these pictures because really, who wants to look at pictures of someone trying to make really serious faces, when a good friend brought up the topic of post baby body. I feel this topic can go one of two ways, either its dreadful and depressing or its a badge of honour and you should wear it proud. Well I think its both! Sure, for 9 months you grew an actual human being inside of you and that is definitely something to be proud of. But on the other hand its not easy to look in the mirror at a body you don't recognize and try to love the new looking you stretch marks, love handles, gigantic saggy boobs and all. Kash has almost been out side my belly for as long as he was in and I still use the elastic hair tie method to keep my pants closed. So if your not sure how to combat this somewhat depressing yet beautiful stage of life here are a few things that worked for me: 

1. Dress for your new body type.
This is key and if it means you have to go out and buy a few new staple items (which I call my in-between clothes) then check out stores that aren't too expensive because you will probably be wearing these items for only a few months. This also might mean you have to buy styles you wouldn't normally wear. Maybe stay away from tighter tops and instead opt for something more flowy. Try some high waisted pants that help tuck in that mid section. Remember its only for a season.

2. Don't look at any numbers.
Don't look at the size on your clothes or the number on the scale. I don't own a scale and for me I think that has been the best thing. Don't concentrate on the number you were before. Same goes for the size of clothing, the sizes on your clothing means nothing. If you feel good in it and its comfortable then wear it! 

3. Get a good bra.
I still wear a sports bra everyday to give me that extra bit of support. Its very annoying because its bright pink and I can't wear light coloured shirts but supporting those babies is essential. Get a good bra that lifts, it doesn't have to be cute it just has to do it's job. This will make everything look, fit and feel better. 

4. Get out of the house,
Go out and do stuff even its just a short walk, I don't do this everyday but I hear its good for you. If you are back to working out right after you pop that baby out then good on ya! But I'm taking my sweet time taking full advantage of the workout called breast feeding.

5. Suck it up and embrace it!
The truth is you had a baby and your body may never look the way it use to. So you gotta work with what you got. Who cares if your hips are wider and your boobs are saggier. It's part of the deal sister. God made you to look like a woman and TaDa! now you do. Don't forget we women are the pinnacle of God's creation, after he made us women his creation was complete. And it was good.
Just try not take it life too seriously, go with the flow and let your body take its time getting back to the way it was. It took 9 months to transform creating that baby, let it take another 9, 12 or 52 months to get it back. Don't get me wrong I am not perfect and I most definitely have days where I struggle and miss my pre-baby body but on those days I just try and avoid the mirror. Now please enjoy some pictures of me being serious in outfits I wouldn't normally wear as I try my best to embrace my post baby body. If I can do it you for sure can!

Outfits provided by Blonde


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