Remember the good old days when hair appointments were relaxing? Nothin like nursing under that big old cape.  Thankfully my talented photographer sister came along and helped out with this babe of mine.

 I honestly feel a little silly writing a post about this but fear the Lord and not men right?
I often.. well lets be real, I sometimes get asked about who does my hair and what I do when I get it  done. So here she is, the one and only Roxann Redekop from Mauve Hair Design. I have been going to her ever since I moved to BC which is 3.5 years now. 

When I go, I usually go in for a blunt cut and highlights just off the root, once at home I use a purple toning shampoo called Milk Shake. It is super pigmented and helps prevent my hair from loosing my toner and turning brassy.  Because of its pigmentation it can turn your hair a little purple if left in too long but usually fades out after a few washes with non purple shampoo. 

So there ya go! Check her out at

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