Let me set the scene here, 25 minutes before these photos were taken I was trying on 35 different outfits and hating all of them. Already getting close to sunset, I was the reason we were going to miss the perfect lighting for photos. I finally decided to throw on my husband t-shirt, tuck it in and go with the all black look to suit my mood. With only 15 minutes left before the lightning was completely gone we ran down to the beach and started snapping.

Even in the midst of all our worries and anxieties about stupid things that don't matter (like what your going to wear) God reveals himself and reminds you that he loves you. God painted the perfect 15 minutes for us that evening where the sky was clear and the lighting was magical, reminding me that all this beauty points back to Him.

Things aren't often what they seem and the half an hour leading up to these photos would prove it. Whats my point here? I don't really know. But just take time to remember who God is and that in the end it doesn't really matter what you wear. 

Pants: Top Shop
Kash's Toque : Bandit Cubs
Sweater: Superstore
Mocs: Mini Mocs
Soother Clip: Glitter and Spice
Tights: Moda Baby
Lips Stick: Whirl by MAC

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