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Once you have a baby, sleep becomes more precious than your favourite pair of ripped jeans. A LOT more precious. You also learn, and learn quickly, that there isn't one sure fire way to satisfy all your sleep needs. So far our baby is not a good sleeper, he’s not horrible but probably pretty close. It could be a phase, it could be bad habits, it could be a lack of sleep training but who really knows. Believe it or not, sleep isn't the most important thing. I desperately want my child to sleep through the night and get the proper amount of sleep needed. But how about raising our children to love the Lord our God and serve Him with all there hearts through out there little lives and pointing our focus on that instead. As a believer this is on the top of my list and trumps all my stresses about sleep it also helps take the stress off of all these other little things that surround me as a parent.

Do I want my child to sleep through the night? Yup. 
Do I wake up exhausted 99% of the time? You better believe it.
Will this phase of tiredness ever end? Probably not ... I jest.

Yet somehow we carry on remembering that God grants us Grace so that we can extend that grace to our little ones who are slowly trying to make us go insane. Whatever method or non-method you use for sleep, good for you, I hope it’s working. But if you’re like me and have moments of stress and worry about what you are doing in general is the right or wrong, just remember that there is a bigger and more important purpose to our parenthood journey, sleep is only part of it. 

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