Snoring...the worst.

I am sure many women out there will sympathize with me on this one. Is there anything worse than when you are super close to falling asleep and the chain saw beside you winds up and the snoring begins.

This is a couple’s perspective of a good nights sleep. 

Most of my nights now are a light sleep waiting to hear if our baby is crying in the next room. I wasn’t planning on seeing if my bigger baby laying beside me was snoring or not. The icing on the cake is that it takes him 3.5 seconds to fall asleep and another 8.5 seconds to start snoring. That is a 12 second window for me to be in a deep sleep where I might not hear him. I think its safe to say that almost every night I am unsuccessful.

The cherry on top, to my icing earlier described is, HE DOESN’T THINK ITS LOUD! He will first wake up and say, “Oh was a I snoring?” or in the morning he will go, “Not a bad night hey babe?” I just laugh and then cry because I in fact was up the entire night punching him in the back to try and shut him up for a couple seconds. Awesome. 

With our 5 month old baby, sleep is gold. So we believe we’ve found a solution. Baby is down… couple goes to bed, some talking, some praying together (need to do more of this), maybe if he is lucky some kisses and we relax ourselves to a slumber. He moves to the couch for the night and we are secretly very relieved to part ways.

Not our proudest moment admitting that lately many nights we have the hubby on the couch so both of us can get some sleep. I take care of the babies needs when called upon at night and then daddy takes the 6am shift after having a deep snoring slumber on the couch. It drives me crazy but he's the best husband to do life with and the best dad to Kash. So even if your significant other snores or does something else equally as annoying, find solutions together that might help ease the stress and allows you to laugh about it together in the near future.

That's our life.

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