Kash Hendrix Neufeld

Not going to lie, labour was the hardest thing I have ever done! It only took two shots of morphine, sucking back loads of laughing gas, an epidural, three hours of pushing, forceps and BAM! Thirty two hours later, a baby ripped it’s way through my vagina. What a beautiful miracle.  For some stupid reason I waited almost 28 hours to get an epidural. Next time all the drugs please. It seems crazy to me that women go through childbirth and don’t get an award, perhaps a medal of some sort would be nice? But nope, no reward for the pain our body goes through, well except for the baby of course. DUH. 
Some how, which I can only imagine is by the grace of God, we women continue to push tiny humans out of our bodies with out any sort of plaque or ribbon. So for all you mommas out there, no matter how your delivery panned out, remember you are brave, strong and doing a heck of a good job! You deserve a trophy and a big one at that! Let your body heal and get back to the way it was before... haha...Ya right! Enjoy your new baby while you can because before you know it, your probably going to be pushing out another one. Cheers to motherhood!

Kash Hendrix Neufeld
Born July 06, 2016
7.1 lbs 20 in

Best thing I ever did.

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